Effect of weed on sex

The Effects Of Cannabis on Sexual Health


Cannabis is the most commonly used substance worldwide, It is estimated that around 188 million people worldwide, or about 3.8% of the global population, used cannabis. Consumption rates have notably risen in the U.S. from 9.9% in 2007 to 15.3% in 2017 among individuals aged 15–64. Over the years, there have been substantial regulatory shifts regarding medical and non-medical cannabis use.

The research on the effects of cannabis on sexual health are still controversial and there has not been yet an established consensus regarding the matter.

The exploration of cannabis’s impact on sexual health remains a contentious subject, lacking a definitive consensus.

In 1966, Masters and Johnson outlined the human sexual response cycle, encompassing four distinct phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. These phases delineate physiological reactions, though their boundaries may blur, forming a cohesive whole.

The relationship between human sexuality and cannabis has sparked debate across ancient cultures and modern scientific inquiry. While it’s well-established that cannabis influences various physiological aspects, its effects on sexual functioning and psychological satisfaction remain areas of ongoing study.

An Overview of Cannabis and Its Influence on Sexual physiology

The utilization of cannabis has been associated with a range of effects on sexual health. Recent research from 2023 suggests that it might bolster sexual desire and satisfaction. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to acknowledge the individual variances in responses to cannabis, with its impact on sexual functioning heavily contingent upon the context of its use.

Marijuana usage has been correlated with heightened sexual arousal and intensified orgasmic responses. Furthermore, it can mitigate discomfort, rendering sexual activity more manageable for individuals contending with conditions like endometriosis or vulvodynia. However, habitual use may lead to diminished libido, delayed ejaculation, and challenges in achieving orgasm, particularly among women.

Understanding that cannabis’s influence on sexual health is intricate and influenced by numerous factors is crucial. While it may amplify physical pleasure under certain circumstances, its effects can be counterproductive in others. For instance, its use to cope with negative emotions during sexual encounters or excessive consumption can impede sexual functioning.

Thus, the physiological response to cannabis varies from person to person, highlighting the complexity of its impact on sexual health.

How Cannabis Can Influence a Person’s Sexual Function

Marijuana’s impact on sexual health has gained increasing attention in both anecdotal reports and scientific literature. Recent research, Moser (2023) suggests that cannabis use can improve sexual functioning, satisfaction, and pleasure.

The active components of marijuana, namely CBD and THC, can work together to produce a heightened sensory experience and relaxation. THC which is recognized for its psychoactive effects may be able to reduce anxiety and induce feelings of euphoria. CBD on the other hand, interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates mood, sleep, appetite, and pain responses, all of which are crucial components of healthy sexual functioning.

One of the main benefits where Cannabis might benefit is enhanced arousal by facilitating physical relaxation. Cannabis may also facilitate orgasm by promoting mindfulness of physical sensations. Although the overall experience can be considered positive we must also look at the negative aspects of chronic use of cannabis products on sexual function.

Can Cannabis Have Negative Unwanted Effects?

Let’s take a closer look at the potential downsides of using cannabis

One of the major concerns when using marijuana is that of its THC component, and the fact that many times it is smoked rather than consumed as an edible. Over-use of THC has also negative effects such as causing anxiety, paranoid delusions or preoccupations, reduction in fertility by impacting male sperm counts and negative mental health effects. When smoked chronically it may lead to respiratory problems like COPD, Asthma or lung and mouth carcinomas.

Cannabis use although might have a short term impact on pleasure and performance in the long run might impact overall general physical and mental health leading to negative unwanted effects.

Cannabis and Its Effects on Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction

Cannabis has been found to influence sexual functioning and satisfaction in both positive and negative ways. Research has shown that it can increase feelings of pleasure and satisfaction through its effects on the endocannabinoid system, which plays an important role in regulating sexual arousal. However, it can also impair sexual function such as by delaying ejaculation or reducing libido. The negative effects of THC which mainly include paranoia, anxiety, inhibited orgasm, lack of interest might be counteracted by taking CBD which counteracts the negative reactions ( Russo 2018; Guy 2005). Therefore the balance of CBD and THC is important to avoid adverse reactions.

For many users, cannabis helps create a sense of relaxation and an overall improved sense of well-being, which can make sex more enjoyable. Cannabis can also reduce anxiety associated with sexual performance and help enhance physical pleasure. Additionally, its effects on the endocannabinoid system can increase sensations of touch.

Cannabis was shown to intensify feelings of connection and intimacy between two people, making it easier to reach higher levels of satisfaction during a sexual encounter.

This heightened connection can enhance communication and make it easier to talk about preferences or desires without fear or judgment – leading to increased pleasure for both partners(Testa 2020).

CBD’s Influence on the Sexual Experience

CBD (cannabidiol) has become a popular supplement for many people looking to improve their overall health and well-being. While there are plenty of studies looking at CBD’s effects on physical health, there is still much to explore when it comes to how it can offer benefits for sexual functioning and satisfaction.

When it comes to CBD’s potential effect on sexual functioning and satisfaction, the research is still in its infancy. So far, research has shown that CBD can help with boosting libido, reducing anxiety and stress, improving focus, enhancing sensation, and increasing pleasure.

Here are some of the key ways that CBD can influence the sexual experience:

  1. Reducing Anxiety & Stress: By helping to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety in the mind and body, CBD can make engaging in sexual activity more enjoyable.
  2. Enhancing Pleasure: Research suggests that CBD may interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) in a way that helps increase pleasure during sex by stimulating certain receptors.
  3. Improving Focus & Clarity: When you’re feeling relaxed but focused, you’ll be better able to appreciate the sensations of sex and fully enjoy it with your partner or alone.
  4. Enhancing Sensations: The calming effects of CBD have been shown to help relax both the mind and body, allowing for greater sensation recall throughout the entire experience.

Research Findings on Marijuana Use and User Experience

Research suggests that consuming cannabis prior to engaging in sexual activities can have various effects on the user’s experience. In fact, one study found that marijuana use before sex increased the likelihood of more sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

In addition, another study of heterosexual couples who used marijuana before sex concluded that cannabis use was associated with an increase in pleasure, orgasm intensity, and increased desire for physical closeness during their encounters. Moreover, the study found that marijuana users rated their overall sexual experience as more positive than those who did not use cannabis before engaging in sexual activities.

This potential benefit of using cannabis prior to sex is consistent with some research that suggests marijuana can improve mood and relaxation levels, which are intrinsically linked to sexual pleasure. Furthermore, cannabis is believed to help some with the anxiety surrounding sex and can reduce pain – both factors which can have a direct impact on a person’s performance and satisfaction when it comes to sexual activity.


In conclusion, the effects of cannabis on sexual functioning and satisfaction remain largely unclear, often influenced by the individual dose, potency of the strain, the frequency of use, and personal expectations. For some, cannabis may improve sexual functioning and pleasure while for others it may lead to decreased performance and satisfaction. Ultimately, the use of cannabis during sex and its effects on sexual satisfaction should be seen as an individual experience and further research is needed to elucidate the possible effects of cannabis use on sexual functioning and satisfaction.

However the research sheds light on the possibility of using cannabis products to improve the overall experience in certain subgroups of people or specific cases.


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