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Is eToro a good trading platform? eToro review in 2022💸

When it comes trading stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies there are so many platforms out there that it just becomes confusing as to which platform offers the best solution to make profits and a platform that does not charge so much on trading fees. The best solution for European investors that does not charge fees is eToro.

In this post I will review eToro as a platform and try to identify the advantages and disadvantages.

Why use eToro?

Well eToro is definitely not an electronic bull I assure you!

eToro is an Israeli online broker and social trading platform that offers not just traditional trading and investing but utilizes the idea of “social trading”. This concept allows users to follow other users and copy successful traders.

This makes trading easy, you can follow people who have successful profits on their profiles and just copy the trades and investments. Success on eToro becomes shared by using the ‘copy trading’ feature. Similarly to like for like on social media platforms the copy trade allows you to just copy a successful trader.

One advantage of using eToro as a platform is the fact that eToro has been at the forefront of Cryptocurrency trading allowing the general population, to trade cryptocurrencies that were previously only available on certain platforms like Binance or Coinbase. This allows one to socially trade crypto assets.

eToro Review👓

eToro which is a regulated and trusted platform has several market-leading features, such as reliable cybersecurity and is strictly regulated from various financial authorities. Therefore as a platform is perfect for beginners as well as highly skilled and experienced traders.

When it comes to assets various assets are available from CFDs to crypto and the commodities market.

One of the main features in eToro is CopyTrader that lets investors leverage other traders expertise, allowing users to copy trades made by other eToro users whose past performance is presented according to several factors such as risk, success, and so on.

While users can learn a lot from the trades they copy, a section devoted to news and analysis is a great way for traders to get informed on he markets, assets and economic news that could influence such investing. Another feature of eToro is its educational tools that can be found in the Trading School that can teach users the basics of When, How and in what to invest.

Check out eToro’s Summer School here !

Investment Portfolios on eToro, offer ready-made theme based portfolios so users can jump easily into a portfolio of assets based on themes covering particular industries, such as Renewable energy, auto-industry and cancer medications.

Similar to other social networks, eToro’s News Feed gives users the ability to interact, share insights, post questions and get to know and learn from others in the market.

New traders have the ability to use a demo account that lets users explore the eToro platform with $100,000 in virtual money. This allows users to learn how to trade without actually using real money.

One of the biggest Positives of using eToro is the trading markets, which has more than 2000 in total. eToro provides customers the opportunity to invest in over 90 different cryptocurrency Assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Ripple, IOTA, NEO, Cardano, TRON, Dash, Stellar, Litecoin, Zcash, EOS, and Tezos. Additionally, users can also invest in more than 150 ETFs and more than 40 currency pairs (CFDs) as well as commodities, indices, and stocks.

eToro Review: Comparison with other products

With its multi-asset platform, eToro stands apart from other trading platforms as it allows trading various assets and also allows social copying of successful trades. These features being unique to the platform. Apart from that eToro is a easy to use and regulated platform. The platform also connects various traders from over 140 countries, including the United States (eToro USA), Japan and Europe.

eToro Fees💰

Because investments are never the same, eToro offers several ways to trade including leverage. Features such as low fees and commissions, are one of the reasons users rank this platform highly. In some cases, there is no commission at all, meaning there is no spread of fees, or charges; some trades eToro offers very low spreads, such as 1 pip in many of the top Forex currency pairs.

For the crypto investors crowd, there is a professional crypto exchangeeToroX. Designed for industrial-grade, corporate, and algo trading investors, it offers the backing of eToroX, plus several powerful features ideal for professional crypto traders. Its product suite includes a spot credit trading program for increased liquidity, a Fiat Gateway with a bank option for immediate transfers, a professional FIX API, military-grade cold Custody as a Service storage, and personalized VIP onboarding.

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