JLPT N4 Vocabulary list

N4 Vocabulary List For The JLPT (600 vocabulary You Need!)

たのしむ楽むto enjoy oneself
たのしみ楽しみpleasure, joy
たまにoccasionally, once in a while
ためgood, advantage, in order to
だめuseless, no good, hopeless
たりる足りるto be sufficient, to be enough
だんせい男性male, man
ちからstrength, power
ちっともnot at all (neg. verb)
~ちゃんsuffix for familiar (female) person
ちゅうい注意caution, being careful, attention (heed)
ちゅうがっこう中学校junior high school, middle school pupil
ちゅうしゃじょう駐車場parking lot, parking place
~ちょう~町~ of the town
~(に)ついてabout, concerning, regarding
つかまえる捕まえるto catch, to arrest, to seize
つく点くto be started, to be switched on
つけるto take
つける漬けるto soak, to moisten, to pickle
つごう都合circumstances, condition, convenience
つたえる伝えるto tell, to report
つづく続くto be continued
~つづける~続けるto continue doing ~
つづける続けるto continue, to keep up, to keep on
つつむ包むwrap, pack
つま(hum) wife
つもりintention, plan
つる釣るto fish
つれる連れるto lead, to take (a person)
ていねい丁寧polite, courteous
テキスト(1)text, (2)text book
てきとう適当fitness, suitability
できるto be able to do
できるだけif at all possible, as much as possible
てつだう手伝うto help, to assist, to take part in
てんspot, mark, point, dot
てんいん店員shop assistant, employee, clerk, salesperson
てんきよほう天気予報weather forecast, weather report
でんとう電灯electric light
metroplitan, municipal
どうぐ道具tool, means
とうとうfinally, at last
とおく遠くfar away, distant
とおり通り~ Street, ~ Avenue
とおる通るto pass (by), to go through
とくに特にparticularly, especially
とちゅう途中on the way, en route, midway
とっきゅう特急limited express (train, faster than an express)
とどける届けるto reach
とまる泊まるto stay at (eg. hotel)
とめる止めるto stop (something)
とりかえる取り替えるto exchange, to replace
どろぼう泥棒thief, burglar, robber
どんどんsteadily, little by little
なおす直すto fix, to repair
なおる直るto be fixed, to be repaired
なおる治るto be cured, to heal
なかなか中々very, considerably, quite
なく泣くto cry, to weep
なくなる無くなるto disappear, to get lost
なくなる亡くなるto die
なげる投げるto throw, to cast away
なさる(hon) to do
なる鳴るto sound, to ring, to resound
なるべくas much as possible
なるほどI see, now I understand
なれる慣れるto grow accustomed to
においodour, scent, smell
~にくいdifficult to do ~
にげる逃げるto escape, to run away
にっき日記diary, journal
にゅうがく・する入学entry to school or university, matriculation
にる似るto resemble, to be similar
にんぎょう人形doll, puppet, figure
ぬすむ盗むto steal
ぬる塗るto paint, to plaster
ぬれるto get wet
ねだんprice, cost
ねつfever, temperature
ねっしんzeal, enthusiasm
ねぼう寝坊sleeping in late

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