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The Journey Is The Destination…..


Going from working as a pharmacist to going back to medical school and becoming a junior doctor led me to discover more about myself and deepen my interests.

In this blog I write articles, such as the prevention of disease, nutrition, travel and language learning.  

Blog Posts and Articles 📚

How to Get what you want

Most of us go through life living in the shoes of others, fulfilling expectations that others have created for us and neglecting what we truly want. However the question we …

how to invest online?

Investing is not only about making money, but having financial freedom and financial growth can help us live more productively, buy investing our time in other activities.

The night shift

When we think of a doctor we think of figures like Dr House MD, ER emergency doctors or Gray’s Anatomy’s modelish like doctors + all the drama. The reality of …

Studying a language

As our planet becomes more globalized and people are travelling more than ever before, It doesn’t make sense to remain monolingual and there are clear advantages as to why you …