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The Journey Is The Destination…..


Going from working as a pharmacist to going back to medical school and becoming a junior doctor led me to discover more about myself and deepen my interests.

In this blog I write articles, such as the prevention of disease, nutrition, travel and language learning.  


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as we age we need to take care of our health in terms of our fitness level that is important to keep us living long healthy lives

Wealth although not directly linked to health and longevity is also an important factor to consider. Wealth and how we spend our hard-earned cash is in a way a determinant …

The idea that building muscle needs meat, eggs and crazy amounts of protein is being phased out. from the protein and eggs craze of the 80s and 90s we are …

Over the years various diets have been tested, although there is no magic bullet to human health a plant- based diet seems to get pretty close. As we humans moved …