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The Journey Is The Destination…..


Going from working as a pharmacist to going back to medical school and becoming a junior doctor led me to discover more about myself and deepen my interests.

In this blog I write articles, such as the prevention of disease, nutrition, travel and language learning.  

Blog Posts and Articles 📚

Learn Japanese Kanji

When it comes to Japanese it can be quite challenging! The major issues people have with studying Kanji is that they forget how to use them, read them and the …

Tips for medical students

1.Learn how to manage your time The most important skill you will have to manage as a medical student is time management. Time in medicine is limited and precious, therefore …

medical school entry

Today 15/9/20 As i write this post, my journey as a medical student comes to an end. Today was my last OSCE examination, that i had to resit as i …

Ketogenic diet

Due to an ever growing availability of processed foods and as the number of people living in ” Food deserts” increases across the globe, access to healthy produce is being …