creative thinking

How to learn Faster

How To Learn Anything Faster

Learning and learning how to learn is a skill in its self. As Henry Ford said ” anyone that stops learning is old”. Learning can have a tremendous impact on your life, however it is a skills that no one teaches us in schools.

Obstacles are opportunity

How Do I Stay Motivated?

In life when things get hard, such as studying for your final exams or learning a new language, we often just procrastinate and tend to avoid the task altogether. But what If these obstacles present opportunity? How can we turn adversity to advantage? Obstacles are present in every stage of our life, from learning how …

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Decision making

Opportunity Cost – What is it and why does it matter?

Whenever we select a career path, job, partner or subject to study we are losing an opportunity when taking the second option. Sometimes option 2 might be a better or worst fit. In other words, the opportunity cost is the cost of losing out on an opportunity taken when choosing another opportunity. It’s like having …

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Lateral Thinking

How to Think outside the box

The box that is usually talked about is not by definition the “mind” in its biological form however is more of the boundary within the mind, a boundary between what we know and what we still have to experience of know. The boundaries that effect our thinking include: The environment The school environment “learning what …

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