Restaurants in Malta

My Top 8 Vegan Restaurants In Malta

So I’ll be honest, I’ve been on and off vegetarian and vegan for the past 7 years, compared with 7 years ago Malta has made a big strive forward when it comes to vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

Being a doctor and a Pharmacist seeing the effect that food plays on the human body thought me to think of food as a fuel to achieve better health, performance or endurance. food is an essential source for life and longevity and should not be regarded as merely something to fill our bellies with, but rather as a recipe for health.

  1. Balance Bowl Gzira

The balance bowl is not just a restaurant that offers vegan food, It a community a place to hangout and chill or study. The environment of the restaurant is extremely relaxing and invites to to get comfortable and indulge in some great vegan food.

2. Foam and Fork

This is a great place that serves amazing food. I personally love the beetroot hummus and the the Berlin bound salad. Truly great tasting food, healthy and economical. Foam and fork does not only offer vegan options. for those of you who might still find it hard to go fully vegan it still offers great options. If you are like me, interested in keeping healthy and want to eat some decently good food then look no further! so what are you waiting for check them out in Marsascala and Gzira.

3. Eeeetwell

another great outlet I regularly visit on the island is eeetwell, This joint offers some really tasty and simple meals. The menu is varied and offers a great variety of healthy meals like bowls, wraps and fruity drinks.

4. Gandhi Tandoori (Indian Buffett)

Gandhi Tandoori is a restaurant located in St Paul’s Bay, and offers a Vegan Buffett menu on Alternative Wednesdays. You can see when the next vegan buffet is up on their Facebook page here. The prices are affordable and reasonable. This restaurant offers a great variety of indian dishes which are vegan. Ill be honest It my personal favorite

5. Ubistro

Ubistro offers top level salads and desserts that taste great and are made professionally by a dedicated team who cater for the needs of their customers. The dishes are fresh, nutritious and healthy. keeping you light and refreshed. Offers some great vegan options!

6. Mint (Sleima)

Mint is a small corner Cafe in Sliema offering a variety of vegan dishes and great coffees and cakes. Its a really great place to chill in the winter months and work on your laptop. Prices are affordable and the food is great quality.

7.Corner Crave

I’ll be honest I passed by this place multiple times however I never went in until recently, To my surprise the salads here are really good and so is the pizza. If you are a vegan you can opt to take a pizza without the mozzarella cheese, the pizza crust at this place is your typical Italian style pizza (oven baked to perfection) that melts in your mouth. I highly recommend this place for cocktails (check out the all day happy hour) and the pizzas and salads!

8. Moo’s Kebab

Although Kebab might seem like a fast food, the various food options offered are great for vegetarians and vegans alike. The salads at Moo’s are affordable and tasty, always a great place to grab a meal on a busy day or as a delivery option if your at work (just like me right now, i just ordered my favorite falafel wrap !) so check these guys out.

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