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The 5 Most Important Tips To Becoming Successful in Life

Let’s face it, in life we will fail in 90% of the things we do and might not become what we planned to be when we were kids, however if we get comfortable failing 90% and winning that 10% of the time, the fact that you are gaining 10% of what you want is already progress and can be regarded as success within its own right!

I guarantee, if you make 10 attempts at a thing in life 1 out of those 10 attempts is going to be successful.

Why do people fail to get the job that they want? why do people fail to make the money they want? It’s because they actually and truly believe that in order to live life you must follow and be “normal” if everyone else is buying a car and contemplating working a job they hate and live to just pay off bills, then i should live like that, I shouldn’t attempt to feed my ego and better myself as I will fail.

This type of mindset is what keeps people in a place of failure and why its the few that actually make it. 70% of people never get a raise or change jobs because they never attempt to ask for a raise or attempt to change career.

Why is aiming for 10% effective

Well you see, when aiming for 10% you are aiming to achieve a achievable goal that you are very likely to be able to get if you work for it. The basic philosophy is either you target something and get 10% out of it and use that as a learning point, or target 0%. I am the kind of person that would rather attempt the 10% than stay at ground 0.

The reason why aiming for 10% is effective is that it makes you Bold. Being Bold is a skill, like any other skill in life it requires practice. Boldness is a skill of asking for what you want in life and not following or allowing others to dictate their beliefs on your existence.

As we live in a world dominated by subjective realities of 6 billion humans, who is it to say that the few who came up with ideas about reality had the correct idea?.

Therefore if an idea might be worth exploring, going for the 10% of obtaining that goal is the first step in a good direction that will lead to opening doors further up in the future, being 1 month from now…. 2 months or 3…..

The thing with self-improvement is that its a works in progress, we are dynamic living being, and as our bodies change over time so can we change our mindset and views about the world.

What Steps Can I Take To Be Successful

1. Set Concrete Goals.

The first and obvious step in order to become successful at anything you want is to set up goals and objectives. Of course if you don’t set any goal of were you want to get, than becoming successful at that thing won’t be possible. Find goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound).

Dividing your end goal into smaller time-bound deadlines and creating mental do by dates, helps you to feel a sense of accomplishment. If your are studying languages try to finish 1 chapter per week, If you want to study medicine try to finish a few topics per week and enjoy doing so.

Making goals real and picturing them in front of you and creating a strong visual reality of the goal is also another powerful strategy at obtaining what you want.

2. Establish a Routine.

Most successful people know that, there’s a big benefit to repetition. Just picture all those body builder’s working out in the gym pumping iron 5hrs a day, all does reps are building a massive physique.

The benefits of routines is that they keep you moving forward and help you to keep growing. For one thing, if you follow a routine, it’s much easier to monitor your progress over time than to just randomly do stuff. Routine helps you establish good habits that can advance your career fairly rapidly.

If you set aside specific times for specific activities, after a while it will be like muscle memory. With positive routines in place, you often begin to see results quickly

3. Find a Mentor.

Many successful individuals always looked up to other famous people, If you listen to interviews with actors, models and fitness gurus they all share the same thing. They were inspired by some other individual.

Mentors are not just parents friends, co-workers. They can be actors you look up to, fitness gurus and even youtubers. The great thing about having a mentor is that when we start slacking, when things get rough and we feel like giving up, seeing the possibility of what you can achieve keeps you going.

This applies to both medicine and also language learning. Learning is a long and tedious process and sometimes its easier to just throw the towel and call it quits.

Looking at people in similar positions who actually manages to live through it and obtain their goal can inspire you to take action.

Having a mentor can benefit you in many ways and can lead you to success faster than if you tried going alone.

4. Stick to your routine.

Most of us while trying to achieve a goal become distracted, either by browsing social media or my taking frequent breaks away from work or over procrastinating. When it comes to success, sticking to the routine is critical in order to find success. The more we do something the better we become at doing it. This makes us faster, better and more efficient at doing the task.

Again applying what the greats of fitness can teach us is that sticking to working out hard on a regular basis is the only way we can obtain success. The advantage is that the more we do something the more our brain becomes efficient at doing it!

5. Learn how to say no.

Let’s face it, we want to please others and look good in front of others, however always pleasing others and rejecting our own time for the benefit of others might be counter productive to our success.

Saying yes sometimes is not only a good thing but also necessary for human connection, however the extremes of this can suck away precious time and leave you stranded.

If your personality is very agreeable, this can backfire and you might end up agreeing to take on way too many projects and commitments that others place upon you. Learn how to refuse offers that don’t benefit your position.

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