My name is Lawrence and I’ve always had passion for Medicine, technology and innovation. I did pharmacy for over 7 years before changing over onto medicine. I started this blog for people who are curious about Health, science and travel. I like to write on topics that are relevant to health and topics related to self development. The posts revolve mostly around health, travel, technology, however i try to dabble in languages such as japanese. 

I graduated The University of Malta in 2013 with Masters in Pharmacy after working a few years i decided to enter medical school in 2015 to become a doctor. during my studies i fell in love with the Japanese language and am now in the process of finding process of finding work in japan. 

When I’m not travelling, I hit the gym and like spending my free time listening to music and reading book on self development. 

I enjoy teaching and helping others out, so if you need any more information just message me on linkedin  

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