effect of creatine on memory

The Effect of Creatine Supplements On Memory and Intelligence

Creatine is a supplement used by body builders and athletes in order to improve muscle function and muscle energy during a workout. However creatine has also been studied for its effects on cognitive function and neurological function. What is Creatine? Creatine is an amino acid synthesized by the kidneys, liver and Pancreas. Usually we are …

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Best Anti-aging Supplements

The Best Anti-aging supplements

The aging process is not well understood and various reasons have been attributed to why we age. Cardinal theories of aging point towards mechanisms involving oxidative stress by ROS (reactive oxygen spiecies), mitochondrion dysfunction and loss of oxidant protection as we get older. The most abundant antioxidant in our bodies is Glutathione (GSH) which main …

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eat less meat

Should I Eat Meat or Not?

Current global & lifestyle issues are becoming more important and there are numerous research facilities around the globe who are formulating plant-based products to replicate the taste, texture and overall eating experience of animal product

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