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The Journey Is The Destination…..


Going from working as a pharmacist to going back to medical school and becoming a junior doctor led me to discover more about myself and deepen my interests.

In this blog I write articles, such as the prevention of disease, nutrition, travel and language learning.  


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Digital nomads have inspired travelers all around the world! Offering them a world where they can live a nomadic life – enabling you to work and travel. A peculiar approach …

Back in the day when I started Pharmacy School I used to drink instant coffee, mostly with milk and as a fix to get me past an all-nighter before an …

Although I was never interested in learning Japanese, From medical school I developed and interest in studying Japanese

As with the N5 list, studying for the N4 you will need to know approximatley 1500 vocabulary words (Looks like alot, however how many 2000 word essays did you write …