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Going from working as a pharmacist to going back to medical school and becoming a junior doctor led me to discover more about myself and deepen my interests.

In this blog I write articles, such as the prevention of disease, nutrition, travel and language learning.  


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Its becoming ever increasing to create your own content and promote it on a platform such as YouTube. Content creation is a way for promoting yourself and generating alternative income

Cannabis sativa has a long history as a medicinal plant, likely dating back more than two millennia, A renewed interest in the therapeutic effects of cannabis emanates from the movement that began 20 years ago

Creatine a one of the most common supplements used to increase muscle mass and boost performance, is a nitrogen based organic acid naturally existing in mammals. In the body It can be converted into phosphocreatine to provide energy for muscle and nerve tissues. Creatine and its analog, cyclocreatine, have been considered cancer suppressive metabolites due to their effects on suppression of subcutaneous cancer growth.

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