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So after many attempts at studying the language I decided to setup a sister site to teach Japanese and use it to record my progress while studying Japanese language.

drnihongosensei is a website dedicated to studying Japanese, here i start my journey from the N45 level to the N4 level and up to N3 (where I am currently) at. My aim for the future is moving towards N2 level proficiency.

Why blogging is the best way to learn Japanese?

When studying a foreign language, it is important to practice speaking as much as possible, whether this means making friends with native speakers, speaking to random people over Skype, LINE or simply just taking a conversation skills class.

However, conversation is a means to an end and in order to have a good conversation you will need to know a great deal of grammar and vocabulary words, this means spending a fraction of your time for reading practice.

Studying a language like like Japanese or Chinese with thousands of characters, you have to spend much more time collecting vocabulary and grammar point. Just see it as a game.

The best way to recollect data you learn and store it (to avoid drowning in paper) is basically to start a blog.

A blog allows you to write in your foreign language once daily, or a few times a week. Having a blog is important as writing for others and teaching, is part of the process of learning. This will help to motivate you to write better and have a reason to sit down and write up something in Japanese.

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