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Studying Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning as a doctor?

After a busy year as an Foundation doctor FY1, I decided to try my luck at machine learning and artificial intelligence.

I really enjoyed my time working as a junior doctor, however after all those long hours and sleepless nights I personally could not see myself doing that long term, so I decided to start a distance learning masters in AI and machine learning with computer science. Why would I be doing this? haven’t I studied enough?

Ok lets break it down, Personally the life of a doctor is not an easy life, doing it for one or 2 years is totally ok however doing it for year will destroy your life. Working in the IT sector seems more in line with my personal lifestyle. IT allows you to work remotely and this is a huge advantage if you love travelling.

Medical doctors think that they can only work in medicine as that is the only job that allows you to apply your skills. However this is not true, medicine teaches skills that are far more broad based than you imagine. Skills can be applied to programming include:

  1. Problem-solving skills
  2. Critical thinking
  3. time management skills
  4. research skills

I started my coding journey learning basic programming languages including HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery and moving on from there to PHP and MYSQL.

After trying my hand at these programming languages i go a liking for coding and the abstract thinking it provides you with. so i felt that i wanted to go a step further and obtain a qualification in the area.

After an extensive online research I decided to take up a distance learning masters program that would be flexible enough for me to work on the masters and also complete my training as a doctor. I decided to take the Masters in computer science offered by Udima (university of Madrid) in collaboration with MIA digital university, which is also offered in English.

The main areas covered by this masters program include, cybersecurity, data science and artificial intelligence.

My future goals for programming will hopefully allow me to work a more remote job allowing me to travel more and enjoy my life more.

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